Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and the YMCA is proud to be your best source for soccer! The sport teaches children the value of teamwork, dedication, and discipline through practice and fun competitive games. Our soccer leagues are instructional and may be co-ed. We offer a safe and productive environment for your child to learn the fundamentals of soccer as well as the importance of teamwork. Kids will have an opportunity to play all over the field and experience the game from different positions. Soccer is a vastly fast growing sport with in the United States and is the most popular sport in the world in which it is known as “Futbol”. 

Our Youth Soccer Program is our introductory league to soccer for children ages 3-6 years of age. This instructional league introduces your children to the fundamentals of the sport. Kids will learn the value of sportsmanship and healthy competition.    Your child will learn the fundamentals of running with and kicking a ball, along with basic exercises. Accomplishment of the task means success! Volunteer coaches are needed. Parental involvement is paramount throughout the practice session.  Please come by to complete the registration form at the Y.  

Youth Soccer Registration is now OPEN at the Flowood and Reservoir YMCA locations!

Blastball - Spring 2017 FINAL5 & 6 Soccer- Spring 2017

Blastball – Spring 2017 FINAL          5 & 6 Soccer- Spring 2017     

Games will be held at the Reservoir YMCA outside soccer fields and inside the Flowood YMCA indoor arena during rain-outs.

The registration ends on August 28th and the games will start in September. Practices will be held one day per week, with 1 or 2 games during the week/weekend. The YMCA is always looking for volunteer coaches to help coach our teams, please sign up to coach if you can.

Pass the registration and information on to your friends!

Contact Brent for more information about our Youth Soccer Program at