“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin

In order to strengthen our community, we want to provide resources to assist in the fight against substance abuse. In recent years, the opioid crisis has become a health emergency that is impacting people of all ages and socioeconomic status. The YMCA wants to help address these issues through providing resources to help you understand the epidemic, learn how to combat it from a family level, learn curriculum resources, and fight it through proper prescription medicine disposal. 
*If you’re having a substance abuse issue, call 1-800-662-HELP to talk specifics with someone trained.* 

Understanding the Opioid Crisis

Family Resources

To learn activities for family building and preventing drug use: 


To get help for family members addicted to prescription drugs: 



To find resources for how to support people through addiction and beyond:                  

Medicine Disposal

Do you have extra pain medication lying around your house? If so, please work to dispose of it in a way that will keep those pills out of someone’s hand. The best way is to order a free disposal kit here:


For a map of MS locations where you can safely dispose of your medications: 


For Teachers:

Mind Over Matter Curriculum and Guide to help fight substance abuse in youth: 


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