What is it? A step challenge that will be a competition between teachers within the Rankin County School District. Each participating school and its teachers will be competing against one another.

You need to let us know by Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 if you wish to participate.

To Enter: Teachers will need to fill out the form below. Send your forms to Tom at: reservoiryexec@metroymcams.org or drop them off at the Reservoir YMCA.

How will a winning school be determined? The winning school will be the teachers who have the MOST steps by December 31st.

The school with the most steps wins a fitness class at their School. Zumba, Yoga, Bootcamp, HIIT, Dance etc.

Below are the basic rules of the challenge:

  1. Steps must be counted on a pedometer. We encourage the use of the “StepUp” app where you can invite friends and track your steps together but any pedometer or step tracking app will do.
  2. Steps must be actual steps done by You– not shaking the step counter, putting it on your dog/child, washer/dryer during spin cycle, etc.
  3. Steps will be tracked weekly and sent by your school’s principal to reservoiryexec@metroymcams.org.
  4. Finally – steps are steps! Dancing, running, actually taking a walk, pacing around your home/apartment, taking the stairs – whatever gets them in!